Top 5 Most Common Healthy Weight Loss Mistakes - Avoid These And Lose 10 Pounds Your 1st Week

If you're engaged in an epic battle against your own body fat and can't quite seem to get the upper hand then its very likely that your are committing one or more of the top 5 most common healthy weight loss mistakes. Ask yourself this question. Have you tried virtually every diet & exercise program only to ultimately waive the white flag in agonizing defeat in your war with losing weight? If so, don't feel bad because countless others just like you have been dealt the same fatal fat loss blow. These people are all making a critical mistake that results in the accidental sabotage of their own weight loss goals. Today we will examine the most common healthy weight loss mistakes in order to identify your problem areas and through this examination we will finally determine what you're doing right and what you are doing wrong.
  1. You are eating fake foods made in a laboratory. Foods like margarine, artificial butter, prepackaged flavored creamers, and the like are all dreadful non-foods. Picture it like this. You have traded in your traditional chef in a kitchen cooking your fresh food in a pan and replaced him with a chemist in a laboratory mixing chemicals over a Bunsen burner...bon apppetit.
  2. You have a sweet tooth. By far this is one of the most common healthy weight loss mistake people make. People load up on way too much sugar in their diet. They have no idea that between all the coffee, artificial drinks, junk food & hidden sugars that are in the foods they eat everyday they have enough sugar to pump maple syrup out of their veins.
  3. Eating a large meal of Carbs late in the evening. This is another terribly common mistake. You skip out on meals all day trying to starve yourself thin then pig out on dinner right before you go to bed. Guess what? In your infinite wisdom, you are signaling your body to store those carbs as fat out of survival because there's no telling when you will get your next meal. Well played!
  4. You're not drinking enough water. This is unquestionably the easiest healthy weight loss principle yet people fail miserably at it. Water is the quintessential fat loss fighter. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day.
  5. You are not eating enough fat. That's right my poorly mistaken dear friends. I said you are not consuming enough fat. In order to achieve healthy weight loss you need more essential fats in your diet. Now before you go submerge yourself in cheesecake and chow down a 3-pound beef patty, the fat I'm referring to is monounsaturated fat. Foods like olive oil, avocado, nuts, flaxseed, natural peanut butter and even real natural butter. These are healthy fats that actually will help to burn regular fats. Make sure that you don't entirely exclude them from your diet.
Now that we have identified the most common healthy weight loss mistakes you can now rejoice! Because you have just been armed with the arsenal that you need to win the fat loss war & shed 10 pounds in your 1st week.

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