Is Your Current Thinking Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success?

Expert Author Carolyn Hansen
With as many as two thirds of us overweight to one degree or another we try different diets and exercise programs without much success. In fact, 95 percent of all diet plans fail to get the people that embark on them any significant weight loss for the long-term.
Many of these people start these programs and very often get some results in the short term.
Unfortunately, however most of these same people end up just a few days/weeks later falling off the weight loss wagon because they are not prepared mentally for the changes they need to make to their lifestyle to maintain their new found weight loss.
To succeed in anything, your head has to be in good shape. You need to believe - and keep on believing - that the changes you need to make are worthwhile. Even the very best diet or exercise program will fail if you haven't fully accepted the life and body changes you need to make to become a slim person.
What happens is without some new inner mind programming nothing has changed on the inside so what happens is that any junk thinking you may be harbouring will derail you time and time again no matter how many diet plans you begin. Mainstream weight loss systems do not take this into account and they can only give you results while you are on the program. But they don't tell you HOW to slick to the program long term and your inner programming is in charge of this.
If you want to succeed at weight loss, you need to cut the "mental fat", and that will lead to cutting the "waistline fat". To do that you need to get to know YOU on a deeper level and look at the patterns and habits in your life that you are dragging around with you that get in the way of your own success.
What is your junk thinking doing to your good intentions?
We can easily build up this 'junk thinking' with misinformation and inherited wisdom about nutrition, dieting and what proper exercise REALLY means. We get all this stuff spinning around in our head mixed together with some plain old self-delusion and 'bingo' we have a recipe for getting and staying stuck in an overweight, unhealthy and unhappy body. That slim, fit, healthy body that we really want remains frustratingly out of reach.
But we can change the way we think so we can 'get out of our own way' and achieve the weight loss success that would be life-changing for us. First, we need to identify the thoughts, feelings, emotions and self-beliefs that are causing the roadblock and change them so they no longer sabotage us at every turn. Then we need to replace them with ones that will serve us better. Only then will you be programmed for getting that new slim body and the good health that goes along with it... permanently...
Once you have dropped new thoughts and ideas into your head you will be amazed at how quickly they take root and little by little you begin to make better food choices, eat less overall and even enjoy exercise.
Losing weight will then happen on autopilot, you will not even need a diet plan. You already know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid and it is simply a matter of allowing that to happen but without the self-sabotage that you normally experience.
Imagine how good it will feel to reclaim that slim trim body? Well, you can have this simply by overwriting old negative mind programming and installing new programming into your subconscious mind that will lead you to the body of your dreams. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it is, and it works like a treat, and once you get started you will be so grateful to have its power working for you to achieve what you desire.
The idea that your subconscious mind may be actively blocking your conscious efforts to lose weight can be hard to swallow at first. So in addition to revealing my top 4 secrets to effective weight loss, I have included in my free report "Visualization Secrets For Weight Loss Success" a section on how mastering your subconscious mind through visualization can make all the difference to your level of weight loss success.

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