A Personal Trainer In Carlsbad Provides Tips On How To Sneak In Some Exercises During A Holiday

By Jackie Johnson

Going on a holiday doesn't mean that you should give up exercising as well. In the coastal city of Carlsbad, where plenty of men and women would choose to go to during summer for a beach getaway, plenty of people are becoming too conscious with their health and fitness. It's for this reason why you will find numerous good personal trainers here. In this post, a personal trainer in Carlsbad shared some exercise suggestions to help you to remain fit while you travel.

Do A Condensed But Intense Workout

The smartest thing that you can do in order to stay fit while you are on a holiday is to create a 30-minute exercise routine that has to encompass all the three lower body workouts, such as squats and lunges along with a modified push up or chair dips workouts. A personal trainer in Carlsbad also recommended that you always start your routine with some warm-up exercises such as jogging in place. And then, you can begin with about ten to twenty reps of lower body exercises and ten to fifteen reps of upper body exercises. Finish this up by performing jumping jacks or jogging. You can do these workouts in your hotel room or at the fitness area of the hotel you're staying in.

Rehearse Your Routine

As they say, practice makes perfect, so a personal trainer in Carlsbad would recommend that you do your routine as often as possible so you will be familiar with it and that you will feel comfortable every time you do these exercises.

Get Active In Sports

One way to stay fit while out on a holiday is to stay active by playing some sports. If you are going to a beach, then join some of the beach volleyball games that are happening on the beach shore. Furthermore, take advantage of flight delays by hiking through the huge terminal and do some sightseeing or window shopping at some of the stores at the airport.


Do not overdo your exercise routines when you are going on a holiday. After all, the reason why people go on a vacation is to relax and unwind, so make your holiday as relaxing as possible and do not punish yourself by doing all the rigorous exercises in between traveling.

Bring Fitness Videos And Other Exercise Equipment

If you have the portable fitness equipment, then a personal trainer in Carlsbad would suggest that you bring it with you while going on a holiday. Pack up all those fitness videos and exercise gears, including your workout shoes, when you are out on a holiday. You will never know when the time comes that you get bored so the best thing that you can do is to exercise.

So these are some of the exercise tips that a personal trainer in Carlsbad could share for those who are going on a vacation. If you try to follow some of these suggestions, you'll certainly not gain even a single amount of weight despite all the bingeing that you'll do while on vacation.

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