A Personal Trainer In Carlsbad Provided Tips Regarding How To Achieve Tight Abs

By Michael Petry

Working out your abdominal muscles in a very busy schedule is quite challenging. This is particularly true for many residents in Carlsbad who are too busy with their work commitments that they hardly ever have time to workout. Having a busy profession would mean less time to fit in some aerobic, weights, stretching exercises and even workouts to tighten the abs. But don't worry, a highly skilled personal trainer in Carlsbad shares a couple of exercises to help you achieve a firm abdominal muscles in just ten minutes.

Seated Clamshell Crunch

An exercise movement that a personal trainer in Carlsbad would recommend to those who are dying to have flat abs is the seated clamshell crunch. To begin, you should be on a sitting position on your mat while your knees are bent and your hands are settled on the floor right behind your hips for support. Sit up tall while your torso is long and extended and the chest is opened. Keep your insoles together while your knees are separated from each other.

Slowly lift your feet for a few inches off the floor and repeat the movement over again. Make sure that you begin by inhaling deeply and as you exhale, slowly lift your legs up and bring your knees towards your chest, just like doing an abdominal crunch. Keep your focus on your core and prevent yourself from collapsing on your torso. You should keep your thoughts focused on driving your ribs towards your hips when you exhale while engaging your abdominals and lower back muscles.

Side Lying Oblique Crunch

You will need a mat for this exercise. Begin by lying on the mat with knees bent settled slightly on the front side of your body. Make sure to keep your torso long and extended and then slowly bend your bottom arm to support your body and then place your elbow right below your shoulder. Separate your knees like doing a clamshell position while keeping the inside soles of your feet together. The personal trainer in Carlsbad advises that you bend your upper arm at your elbow and then rest your fingertips gently behind your ear and then engage your abs as well as your lower back muscles.

As for the movement, begin by inhaling and when you exhale, slowly lift your hips and bring your knee towards your elbow, just like doing a side crunch. Put your focus on laterally flexing your pine while contracting through your oblique. When doing the moves, the personal trainer in Carlsbad advises that you should keep your torso strong and stable and make sure that you avoid any unnecessary movements or you might collapse on your shoulder. Do this exercise for up to 16 repetitions and then switch over to the other side to do it all over again.

These are only a few of the workouts that a personal trainer in Carlsbad would recommend when it comes to those who want to attain tight and flat abs. Simply do these workout moves about 10 minutes of your time daily and you'll certainly be amazed at the results on your abdominal muscles in only a few weeks.

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