Two Steps To Simple Weight Loss

By Howe Russ

At some stage most of us will hit a plateau with our diet. If you are looking at how to lose weight and perhaps struggling to push on to the next level, you will find the two simple steps given in today's article to be incredibly useful.

There is so much false information out there regarding fat loss that it is very easy to be misled and just as easy to end up wasting your hard earned cash on supposed miracle fixes. What we share with you today is proven and best of all completely free.

There are two easy steps which we would like to teach you today.

Rule One - Snack Tubs.

Rule Number Two - Take A Day Off.

Ask anyone who has tried dieting and failed what their biggest enemy was and they will probably all tell you the same thing. Temptation. Usually temptation strikes when you're at work. You don't have any prepared food with you and you can literally feel the vending machine staring you down. We have all been there at some point.

It's stocked with unhealthy foods. Believe it or not, your body doesn't actually crave that chocolate or those crisps as much as you think. You long for the quick fix satisfaction you associate with it, that's all.

We associate junk food with immediate satisfaction, that's why we crave it. in terms of actual nutrition, however, it does nothing for your body's needs when you need an energy boost or long-term fat loss results. But something tells me you already know that.

This week pick up a few relatively small snack boxes from a local department store and pack them with a protein rich food. This will not only keep you satisfied but also help your body to avoid bad fats.

One of the main reasons we find ourselves frequenting the vending machine is the lack of any real alternative. This simple little trick is proven to return great results.

Our second tip is about taking days off from your new healthy eating regime. Whether you want to or not, it's great for your body and your mental state to take a day off every week or two and allow yourself to eat whatever you want. This is proven to actually increase fat loss results.

Most people how try to lose fat go too hard too fast. They cut out their favorite foods and think they need to live off 'rabbit food' to get slimmer. This is nonsense, and a sure fire way to fall off your plan very fast.

Give yourself a break. In fact, I mean that literally. Give yourself a twenty four hour break every week.

The increase in calories will not be large enough to have an impact on your overall progress, any junk food you consume is easily offset against eating well all week and most importantly it helps you to stick to your routine permanently this time.

These two little rules have helped countless people just like you. There are so many people who get lost when wondering how to lose weight it is easy to see why there are so many misleading miracle pill products on the market. Apply these two tips today and you'll never need that stuff ever again.

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