No Muscle Is Lost When You Follow The HCG Diet Plan That Helps You Lose Fat

By Nikita S. Romaguera

Most people testify that the HCG Diet is the only best to effectively lose weight and keep it off without losing muscle and developing sagging, loose skin. You've probably heard about and even tried a lot fad diets, but this one is really logical and has been successful for many people. People who have used this program usually experience losing a pound a day or even more. Could you comprehend shedding 30 pounds in one month successfully?

The HCG Diet actually started in the 1950s when a physician named Dr. Simeon realized that patients could follow a low calorie diet to lose weight and maintain their health while receiving a daily dose of HCG. By comparison the other patients on a low calorie diet who did not get the HCG frequently were hungry, became irritable, experienced headaches and weakness. It is interesting to take a closer look at this diet plan to comprehend how and why it works.

Keep in mind that just as with any other kinds of diet programs it is important to just consume the food and portions that are specified. We will briefly address each of the phases that are contained in this diet plan. Phase one of the plan instructs you to consume a high calorie diet with a high fat content as you begin taking the HCG. This step is quite important to reset the body's fat regulating system and reduce hunger during the first few days of the low-calorie phase. The next phase requires you to take the HCG that by now should be effectively triggering your body to release the abnormal stored fat as you begin the low calorie diet. When your body burns the released fat stores to provide a regular flow of fuel to your body you will not feel too hungry.

That phase of the diet should last from day three through the next 21 or 42 days, depending on the amount of weight you wish to lose. The following phase is referred to as the maintenance phase. You stop taking the HCG during this period because the fat regulation system in your body was adjusted during the previous phase. This phase is used to gradually start increasing your caloric intake while closely watching your weight to stabilize it effectively.

HCG drops are the most popular form of the hormone that is a concentration of homeopathic HCG with a special mixture of additional supporting ingredients to supply vitamins and boost energy levels while helping the body shed pounds.

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