Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

By Russ Howe

The number one question we get in the gym is not how to burn fat but rather how to lose weight and keep it off once it's gone. Today's article will show you five proven steps, all of which are free and which anybody can apply right now.

In a world where hype is king we all get misled at some point by celebrity gossip magazines claiming we can all lose five stones in a week without going to the gym, or bodybuilding magazines claiming a new supplement is going to help you build muscle in your sleep. This causes disappointment, depression and ultimately no results.

There is a way around it, however. No matter what your current situation, weight loss is not impossible.

The following five rules will help you get started right away:

1) Use a calorie deficit to your advantage. You guessed it, this is the staple rule of any diet and it basically means cutting your daily calories down. The trick is, where so many go wrong in fact, cutting down gradually until you hit your target rather than suddenly halving your food intake and forcing your body into starvation mode.

2) Consume more protein to hang on to your muscle. You may be thinking 'but I want to lose weight, not build muscle', right? The truth is no matter what your goal is you certainly don't want to be losing muscle. When you cut your calories your body will look to do this, combat it by increasing protein as you drop fats and carbs.

3) Protein is perfect for a snack. When looking at carbohydrates, fats and protein you may be shocked to realize that protein has the least impact on fat storage of all three. That's right, so next time you fancy a snack you should look towards something lean with plenty of protein. Think fish, chicken, a quick meal replacement shake...

4) Pack your lunch. This is not perhaps what you'd expect but it will make sense and is a real favorite at the gym among those who get results. When you are out all day at the office there is huge temptation coming from the resident chocolate store or vending machine. We've all been there. Pack a few small tubs with 50 to 100 kcal meals and you'll beat this temptation. The snacks are too small to impact your daily diet anywhere near enough to make a significant difference and it will help you avoid fatty, bad foods.

5) Taking a day off from your diet is a great way to prolong results. You read that correctly! Have you ever done a weight loss plan where you felt like you were punishing yourself, living on 'rabbit food' and avoiding everything you like? If so, where did it lead you? If you are like most people it led you directly to falling off the wagon and reaching 'I'll start over next month' territory.

Having one day off each week is a great way to reward and recharge yourself ahead of the next week and the fact is there is nothing wrong with this at all. You may take on board some bad foods, that's a given, but ultimately if it helps you to stick to your goal for ten times as long as you ever could before then there is no problem!

Always remember that losing weight gradually is far superior to losing weight drastically, because once it's off it will stay off. These five tips today will help you to begin enjoying those effects.

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