How to chose the best training program for fast results

By Svene Brag

We want to help you get results! Choosing the correct training program is vital to your success. The best way to succeed is to put all your effort into a single focus. Here are the steps

What is your goal

Look slimmer in your clothes, or more muscular in them or win a race or triathlon. Decide what you want and avoid all distractions.

The reason is that you produce far better results when you focus. For example, building muscle and burning fat require opposite approaches. The one requires more calories and the other less. For a average person it takes about 3500 calories to build muscle and 2200 calories to lose fat.

Choose a training program

You are unique and certain parts of the program needs to be unique. Its important to also have a training program that can be worked into your schedule. Don't stop training because of a difficult program. Rather find a more suitable one. Buring fat requires less rest between exercises but do the best you can until you are able to keep up.

Learn Proper eating habits.

You can never out train a bad diet. It's vital that you understand the effect that foods have on your body. The foods you eat will result in the way you look regardless of how hard you train. If the food is in its natural state then its probably healthy. If it has been processed then it should be avoided. Some people avoid carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not the problem. The problem is too many calories from the wrong carbohydrates.

Work smart and have a target.

Don't jump around looking for the next best diet or training program. Stick to your plan for the duration of the program and give it 100% of your effort. Don't let anything distract you. We all fall for looking for the perfect program and we jump from one program to the next. The perfect program is the one that you stick to. Focusing all your efforts is the key to success.

This is how you can multiply your results

Have you heard that 100% perfect decisions result in 100% perfect results but 99% perfect decisions result in 70% results. That's the effect of compounding. Each good choice you make has a multiplication effect on the results of your next choice. A bad choice will result not only in bad results now but a knock on effect of your future choices and results. Don't become fanatical but focus and chose wisely.

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