You Don't Have Time To Lose Weight?

By Russ Howe P.t.i.

A recent poll by the UK government revealed that almost 90% of residents in England feel they don't have time to exercise or diet during their busy day. Most people seem to feel that they don't have time to learn how to lose weight even if they want to and would find it almost impossible to free up enough time to exercise regularly. If you're also in that situation, today we're going to help you get around this.

Building a better body is something which should be very important but, oddly, most of us can't bring ourselves to prioritize our own health over other aspects of our lives. For this reason alone, we're going to show you a set of simple rules which will help you achieve results with minimal change to your current routine.

Believe it or not, your diet plays just as important a role as working out and you will be amazed at how much progress a few small changes to you diet will make. This works particularly well for those who have not led a very healthy lifestyle in the past or those who have never really known what to eat before. The list below details the most important factors.

* Ignore hyped up diets, often endorsed by celebrities, offering instant and effortless results. They're nothing but marketing gimmicks designed to take your money. Notice the same celebrities in six months time back out of shape, before releasing yet another workout dvd the following festive period. It's a career for them, and it promotes unhealthy yo-yo dieting.

* If you aim to follow a lower carb intake in a bid to cut some weight you need to increase your protein intake to avoid burning muscle.

* You don't need to stop eating or skip meals. In fact, regular meals are recommended. It's more a case of learning how to use a simple calorie deficit. It's not as hard as people often like to make it out to be.

* Taking a day off from your diet every week or two is a great motivational tool.

* Learn how to use protein as an effective snack.

Once you have the basics laid down you'll notice you begin to notice fat dropping off and, you guessed it, you haven't even walked through the doors of your local gym yet. When it comes to working out there is a ridiculous perception that you must spend two hours per day or, if you are female, that you need to do endless cardiovascular exercise after work every night. It's not true.

How long do you have during the day for a potential workout? Even if it's as little as fifteen minutes the fact is you can do something. Don't make excuses or you won't make progress.

The key to fat loss is keeping your heart rate elevated. Short bursts of intensity followed by moderate recovery periods work fantastically well at doing this for you. Any situation and environment can be used as a makeshift gym. If you have a floor, you can do a workout. If you have a chair, you can do a workout!

Most people underestimate the effectiveness of performing true strength exercises like push ups, lunges and squats. We seem to believe wed be better off sat comfortably in some shiny machine when the opposite is true. Go back to basics, you'll be shocked at the results you achieve from basic body weight circuits performed in ten-to-twenty minute sessions each day.

If you've been trying to figure out how to lose weight and getting nowhere, or telling yourself I don't have time to lose weight because of my lifestyle you now know the truth. There is nothing stopping you from accomplishing your goals. The ball sits in your court now, use it.

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