Weight Loss Hypnotism: Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes

Before I tried weight loss hypnotism, I'd failed just about every other sort of diet program that was out there. What I failed to realize is that I was making some critical mistakes. Weight loss hypnotism helped me correct them, and I'm finally losing the weight I've struggled with for far too long.
Mistake 1: Try to lose too much, too fast.
One of my primary mistakes was due to unrealistic expectations. I'd start a program and lose 6 or 8 pounds in the first week. This made me happy and I was sure I'd found just the right program. I'd multiply 6 pounds/week by 4 weeks in a month and figure I could lose 24+ pounds per month.
But, for some reason this never happened.
I'd lose all that weight the first week, and then the pounds wouldn't drop off as quickly after that. This discouraged me, and I gave up.
Realistic, healthy weight loss is just 2 - 3 pounds per week. My first week using weight loss hypnotism, I dropped 3 pounds... that's health. That's maintainable.
Mistake 2: Choosing a program you can't stick with.
Too often, we choose programs that aren't realistic over the long haul.
Diet modifications shouldn't be for just for a few days or a few months. Most of us who overeat need to change habits for the rest of our lives.
That's where weight loss hypnotism helped me... it changed my way of looking at eating and nutrition. It helped me eat less and exercise more.
Mistake 3: Not sticking with the program you chose.
Another problem I used to have is that I would start a program and stick with it for a few weeks or months before going back to bad habits. I felt like a yo-yo.
Weight loss hypnosis helped me change entire belief systems, and while it's certainly possible that I'll be seduced again by a full dozen jelly donuts, that setback won't end things for me. I won't have "fallen off the wagon," I simply will have had a single crazy day.
Then I'll go back to my regular (new) belief system.
Mistake 4: Eating too fast.
I used to always be the first person done with my food. In fact, I often finished my seconds before other people were done with their first helpings.
Weight loss hypnotism taught me to focus on my food and enjoy it. This helps me slow down and actually notice when I feel full. It was the strangest thing for me to actually start putting my fork down and standing up from the table before I'd eaten everything in front of me.
Mistake 5: Not getting enough sleep.
It wasn't until I started weight loss hypnotism that I found I hadn't been getting enough sleep. Nights that I listened to my weight loss hypnotism recordings, however, left me feeling rested and energized for the next day.
Apparently, time spend in deep hypnosis is just as refreshing as deep sleep. Some people even say that 1 hour of hypnosis equals 2 hours of deep sleep.
Getting enough sleep is critical to losing weight.
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