Top 5 Things You Need To Lose Weight At Home

I should start this off and say that you don't actually need anything to lose weight at home. If I had the choice of having a few things in place however and I needed to keep costs low, this would be my check list.
The reason you don't need anything is because the only thing required to lose weight is to require more calories than you ingest. To a point.
At any rate, onto our list.
Power Rack - So much can be done with a power rack it's an entire article. You can do all manner of squats, deadlifing, dips if you have two barbells and the list goes on and on. The point is, if you have a squat rack or power rack, depending on what you call it, you have the same exercises available to you as a dozen machines. And, they are a heck of a lot more productive exercises too.
Jump Rope - Great for warming up or even a quick cardio day. I love skipping for 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 8-10 rounds as my only cardio on a given day. It works for boxers and it will work for you. As well, since they cost only about $10, it's just a wee bit less than buying a treadmill!
Some people say they can't jump rope inside because of the ceiling. If that's your case then you are allowing your arms to come up too much. Keep your hands by your sides.
Barbell and a couple plates - This is the big one. It goes hand in hand with the power rack. Hundreds of thousands of physiques were built using this basic tool. It is invaluable. For your plates, start off with a couple of 2.5 lbs plates if you are just starting. The bar is 45 lbs and you will need the 2.5 pounds weights to keep making small improvements in your strength.
Later as you get stronger and more cash is available, buy some bigger plates. It's fun to get stronger and then have to go out and buy more plates.
Clean Fridge And Cupboards - You need to get all the garbage out of your house. First to go is the stuff in plastic wrappers that does not even resemble food. For example, a chocolate bar. There is nothing in nature that is even close to a chocolate bar. Next work on getting foods that can actually rot. This means that they are REAL. From nature and they go back to nature. If food does not rot, there is a lot of stuff in there you do not want in your body.
Clock - Great for keeping your rest times honest. Keep the clock or wrist watch close and start your training routine with two minute rest between sets if you are a raw beginner. This will keep you from getting nauseous and light headed if your out of shape. As you get more and more in shape, you will keep shortening your rest periods down. Depending on your goals, they can drop to 30 seconds or even no rest if you are doing a circuit.
So there you go. You don't need to spend a single dime to lose weight at home but if you have bit of cash, you can really set yourself up well for under $1000.

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