Top 4 Weight Loss Mistakes

Are you making these dire mistakes? If so, this is probably the main reason why your weight loss efforts seem a lot like LOSING efforts. I am sure you are aware of the idea of learning from your mistakes so you do not make them again in the future. Well, I have a better one for you. Learn from OTHER people's mistakes so you NEVER make the same ones yourself! This is a much messier way to go, is it not? Read on for the top four weight loss mistakes.
Top 4 Weight Loss Mistakes
1. Not Taking Your Time...

Slow down there! Most people seem to eat like it is a race. This can take a much larger toll on your weight than is obvious. When you are eating very fast, your stomach does not have time to tell your mind that it is full. In other words, you can keep over eating WAY past your limits which will end up in a TON of extra calories to burn!
2. Starving...
I get really frustrated when I see people on starvation diets. These DO NOT work! In fact, starving yourself has adverse effects on your weight loss efforts. Your metabolism goes into conservation mode and saves calories rather than burning them.
3. Not Enough Water...
You MUST drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. I know you have heard this hundreds of times before. Well, did you ever think people were telling you this for a reason?
Water replenished your body, and more importantly, cleans out all the toxins that are inside you. Those toxins have the potential to have VERY negative effects on your weight.
4. Focus Solely on Fitness...
There are a lot of fitness freaks that focus ONLY on working out as a means to lose weight. The fact of the matter is that your diet is a vital contributor to your weight. So do not ignore it!
If you are making any of the above mistakes, stop right away!
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