Mind-set - is it really that important for weight loss?

By Toby Edge

Ok, I'm just going to come out and answer this question right now. Yes. Mind-set is not only important for weight loss...its absolutely critical and essential. It is, in the fact, the foundation of all of your weight loss success.

To consider this in depth, we need to talk about programming. What do I mean by this? Well, we're kind of talking about your subconscious here. This is where all of your programming is stored, and this is what is really driving all of your actions and decisions. It is your subconscious that will determine which path you take...whether thats towards long term weight loss or consistent rebound weight gain from dieting.

Our programming originates from everything we say, do, hear, and so on. This all adds up to create the beliefs that we hold. For example, if, when you are young and all of the way through your life, you are told that you will never be slim and that you'll never lose weight for good with any diet, this is going to form itself into a subconscious belief.

These beliefs will then shape themselves into your attitudes. You'll begin to have a bad attitude towards diets on a subconscious level and this will determine your feelings towards food and dieting. You feelings towards anything will shape your actions. So if your feelings towards diets is that they don't work for you or that you cannot lose weight successfully, you'll end up acting in support of those feelings, attitudes, and beliefs.

So all of this really starts with your programming. If you have spend your entire life battling with dieting and foods and your weight then you're always going to struggle. Your subconscious, simply put, will not be helping you, but hindering you.

As they say, what you believe, you will achieve. This works both ways. Its used as a motivational quote but if your programming and, therefore, beliefs are negative, then it will result in a negative response. You will always remain overweight if your programming and mind-set are not tackled head on.

This is the foundation of all weight loss success. However it is, unfortunately, hugely neglected to the detriment of the majority of dieters and anyone trying to achieve permanent weight loss success. So, what can you do about this? Well, this is someone I'll look into in another article where you'll get some handy tips on how to make weight loss permanent.

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