Common Weight Loss Problems - Overcoming Your Thyroid Problems Now!

A lot of us are already aware that moving more and eating less are the keys to shedding that extra weight. However, if you are doing it all right and can never seem to lose weight, you may be suffering from a hidden health condition that's turning all your efforts to dust.
Reports say that about 25 million Americans gain weight unconsciously because of an untreated or undiagnosed thyroid problem. Your thyroid hormones function mainly to regulate your body's metabolism which is also significantly related to how you lose and gain weight. Thus, there is a direct relation between the condition of your thyroid and weight loss. Slow metabolism equals sluggish metabolism which also means slower or no weight loss.
This is a serious problem anybody would certainly seek a solution for. The problem is that many individuals with underactive thyroids have no idea of the symptoms and are simply not aware of it. Luckily, once you are aware of this condition and you are able to trace the connection of your thyroid and your weight loss struggles, you will be able to find choices that are available to help you move forward. Stick to what works for you. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do to lose weight even with a thyroid problem.
1. Consult your doctor and never fail to inform him/her of any changes. Undergo regular blood tests and ensure that your hormone levels are right above everything else. Stick to your medication regimen if you have one and stay healthy.
2. Ensure that you lose weight at an optimal pace. Losing 2 to 3 pounds per week is the healthiest and although it is slower, you are sure that the weight won't come back easily. Abrupt weight loss from diet pills and fad diets are not sustainable and are a threat to your health.
3. Eat rationally. Don't overeat or under eat. Both are just as bad as each other. It is unhealthy to starve your body from the important nutrients and vitamins it needs. It can even affect the chemical reactions that occur which can aggravate your thyroid problems.
4. Eat healthy foods. This one is pretty obvious and there are no excuses when it comes to choosing healthy meals. You should also try to spread out your meals like 6 a day instead of the common 3 meals a day to ensure steady levels of your blood glucose. This eliminates hunger or craving which leads to binge eating.
5. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day. This is a recommendation no matter if you want to lose weight or not. This ensures you are cleansing your body of toxins and preventing dehydration.
6. Tweak your lifestyle and head on a more balanced one. Physical activities and exercise should be something you incorporate in your daily routine. An hour of walking a day would suffice in making sure you keep your muscles moving. Try to do this with a friend or family member as it becomes easier when someone is there to motivate and push you through it.
7. Maintain a positive attitude. The power of the mind is unbelievable. If you think you can do something, then there is no way you can't achieve it. On the contrary, you already fail when you think you can't do something. All your efforts of changing your lifestyle will go to waste if you don't follow through it with a positive attitude.
Thyroid problems do not need to control how you love. You can always aim to lose weight even with this condition. Just make sure you continue to keep your health a priority over anything else.

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