5 Worst Weight Loss Exercises You Should Avoid at All Costs!

Working out can be a lot of fun, but the fun stops when you are misinformed about the long-term effects of a particular exercise you are performing. There are what we known as "worst weight loss exercises" that are still currently peddled even in the internet universe. If you want to look better by shedding some of the extra pounds around your waist, or you want to lose weight for health reasons, then having a handy list of exercises which are a definitely a nonsense lot is very helpful. This article will try to show you some of the weight loss exercises you should avoid at all costs!

1. Extended cardiovascular exercises - while it is a given that cardiovascular exercises are helpful in raising your heart rate to induce metabolism, doing it far too long has negative effects. You lose muscle mass if you perform cardiovascular exercises longer than what is necessary. To counteract this, focus more on intensity when doing your cardiovascular workout rather than getting oblivious about duration;

2. Traditional sit-ups - in the last century, no other exercise routine represents fitness more than the grand daddy of exercises: The sit-up. While this exercise provides some benefits, improper form can lead to injury and strain in your musculature. If you cannot maintain good form at all, it is best to just stay away from this exercise. It is difficult, time-consuming and will not yield more fat burning effects than other exercises.

3. Ab machines and other eccentric fitness gadgets - the advent of TV advertising is to be blamed with the thousands of ab machines and other exercise contraptions available in the market today. Here is the conclusion: MOST OF THOSE DO NOT WORK! The reason behind is that while they look simple to do, it engages all other muscles to "cheat" in the movement thus; you are not primarily engaging your abs to do the work. It is best to rely on body weight exercises instead and your trusty old medicine ball.

4. Squat machines - Many bodybuilders hail the squat as the king of all exercises. This is because it concentrates on the largest muscle group of the body, the leg muscles. However, one should not confuse the classic squat from those done with a smith machine. While using an aided squat machine if you are a beginner is good, once you learn and build power it will unnecessarily expose your body to unforgiving angles that the machine wants you to follow. The results can be counterproductive. Master the squat using free weights instead.

5. Behind the neck presses - it looks impressive at first glance, but your shoulder joint is in for a surprise once it gets injured from doing a thousand of those in due time. Bury this exercise and try the front military press under the chin as a replacement.

These are just some of the worst weight loss exercises that is commonly done in gyms and other workout places. If you have tried any of the above mentioned exercises before, now is the best time to quit and ask your fitness planner to change your fitness program.

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